Compliance Programmes: Basic Fire Fighting

NQF Level



Minimum 4

Estimated Days




Accrediting Body


This programme outlines the basic knowledge required for fire fighting. The learning outcomes in this unit standard also contribute to the exit level outcomes required for various manufacturing and engineering qualifications. Qualifying learners can select and use the appropriate fire fighting equipment to extinguish or control fires in the workplace. 

The skills, values and knowledge reflected in this unit standard are required by people in the field of manufacturing and engineering.

Entry Level Requirements

This unit standard has been designed as part of a progression. It is one of a series of unit standards for safety, health and environmental protection in the field of manufacturing and engineering. KVR pre-assessment

Course Outcomes

Discuss and explain procedures for dealing with fires in the workplace Identify the type of fire, its context and select the appropriate fire fighting procedure Identify, select and check appropriate fire fighting and safety equipment Fight containable/extinguishable fires Retreat from fire site and hand over to appropriate personnel Report/record status of fire and equipment

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