Non-Credit Bearing Short Courses Decision Making and Problem Solving Techniques

Non-credit bearing short courses are considered a viable and common method for optimal workplace functioning in all contexts and greatly facilitates access to learning in a manageable manner in terms of cost, time, energy and resources, for both the employer and employee.

The courses provide the necessary learning to meet a specific need in workplace environments.

This programme provides junior management with the relevant knowledge and skills to successfully function as the leader of a team.  Problem solving is an analytical process used to identify the possible solutions to the situation at hand. Making decisions is a part of problem solving. Decision making is a choice made by using one’s judgement. The art of making sound decisions is a particularly important skill for leaders and managers.  

This programme provides an understanding of the following areas:

This programme is aimed at providing delegates from various departments and levels within the organisation to solve problems and come up with tailored solutions to challenges they face.

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