Skills Programmes: Logistics and Planning (Phase 4)

NQF Level




Estimated Days



116287, 116292

Accrediting Body


To enable learners to demonstrate understanding of the concepts and principles utilised in the establishment of business and production plans. Learners are required to understand the nature of these plans, identify and interpret critical issues, components and the establishment process.

Qualifying learners are able to plan and prepare for, detail schedule and monitor the flow of production in a manufacturing and assembly logistics environment. They are further able to identify problems and take appropriate corrective action.

This skills programme is aimed at learners who are involved in manufacturing and assembly logistics.

Entry Level Requirements

This unit standard has been designed as part of a progression. It is one of a series of unit standards for activities below, at and above this level. The credits assigned to it are based on the assumption that I am learning what is needed for this unit standard as part of my learning for a range of related unit standards at this level or below it. KVR Pre-assessment

Course Outcomes

Plan and prepare for, schedule, and monitor the flow of production in a manufacturing and assembly logistics assembly logistics environment. Identify problems and take appropriate corrective action. Identify critical issues relating to strategic planning. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of the customer in the business process chain (internal and external). Prepare for detailed scheduling activity. Schedule production. Monitor production. Identify non-conformances, determine their cause and take corrective action. Report production achievements. Discuss and explain the detailed production scheduling and monitoring process. Demonstrate an understanding of the interfaces and interactions of a manufacturing and assembly and strategic business plan.

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