Non-Credit Bearing Short Courses Road Transport Fundementals

Non-credit bearing short courses are considered a viable and common method for optimal workplace functioning in all contexts and greatly facilitates access to learning in a manageable manner in terms of cost, time, energy and resources, for both the employer and employee.

The courses provide the necessary learning to meet a specific need in workplace environments.

Transportation management systems provide users with real-time tracking and order information. Companies are equipped with detailed and accurate information to pass onto customers, providing visibility across the supply chain and improving their customer service. 

This programme empowers learners with fundemental knowledge and skills in areas such as, but not limited to,  legislation and codes, categories of licensing, road transport operational costs and even career paths within the road transport industry. 

This programme provides an understanding of the following areas:

Legislation and codes: - Road Traffic Act (1993) - Occupational Health and Safety Act (1993) - Road Accident Fund Act (1996) Categories of licenses and professional driving permits Relation between road transport and other modes of transport Volume of freight and passengers carried annually Types of passenger services and vehicles used Cost associated with road transport operations and how it can be reduced Career paths within the road transport industry

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