Technical Training Programmes: Sling Loads

NQF Level



Minimum 4

Estimated Days




Accrediting Body


This programme enables individuals to effectively sling loads safely before allowing load-moving equipment to remove / move the load. On completion of the programme, learners understand the importance of applying safe slinging techniques and how this is achieved. A basic knowledge is included of weight determining, determining what load slinging equipment is required, lashing the load, attaching the load to the selected lifting equipment and signaling the lifting equipment operator.

The skills, values and knowledge reflected in this unit standard are for people in the field of engineering. This unit standard has been designed as the start of a progression. It is one of a series of unit standards for maintaining and caring for equipment in the engineering skills area.

Entry Level Requirements

Communication at NQF Level 1 Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1 KVR Pre-assessment

Course Outcomes

Plan and prepare for load slinging activity Prepare site and equipment for load slinging Sling load Signal the lifting equipment operator Conduct post-slinging activities Care for and store load slinging equipment Report on slinging equipment condition Discuss and explain incidents and problems related to load slinging Work safely with due care for self, fellow workers, equipment, materials and the environment

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