Store Person NQF 2

NQF Level



Minimum 41

Estimated Days




Accrediting Body


The purpose of the qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Store Person. A Store Person moves, packs, picks and maintains stock in a stock storage area.

The Store Person is able to:

  • Move and pack stock using specific methods and equipment for different types of stock.
  • Pick and count stock in a stock storage area.
  • Maintain a safe stock storage area.

This qualification is aimed for store personnel that work in retail stores as Pickers or Pullers, general assistants or it can be for Store Persons working in stock storage areas or in the distribution centres or warehouses.

This qualification will not only have an impact on the learners but will also have an impact on society and the economy because wholesale and retail businesses will be able to function more effectively with trained staff members who have the knowledge, skills and work experience to handle stock carefully.

Stock in a wholesale or retail business represents cash tied up in the business and employees are required to have the necessary skills to be able to minimise losses when packing, moving, picking, counting and maintaining stock. This will in effect contribute positively to the profitability of these businesses.

Entry Level Requirements

Communication at NQF Level 1 Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1 KVR Pre-assessment


This qualification is made up of the following compulsory Knowledge and Practical Skill Modules: Knowledge Modules: • Concepts of moving and packing stock in a stock storage area • Concepts and methods of picking and counting stock, • Principles of maintaining a stock storage area Practical Skill Modules: • Move stock in and out of stock storage areas • Pack stock in a stock storage area • Pick stock from a stock storage area • Count stock • Maintain the stock storage area Work Experience Modules: • Processes and procedures for moving and packing different types of stock, • Processes and procedures for picking and counting stock • Processes and procedures for performing housekeeping, maintaining a safe stock storage area

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