3 Reasons Why

Face To Face Meetings Are So Important

You know that saying ‘out of sight is out of mind’? That saying bares many truths regarding business and consulting with your clients.

Prioritising in-person meetings is essential to building long-standing relationships with your clients. When in doubt, instead of turning toward good old trusty Zoom, schedule a face-to-face meet-up where you can sit down, shake your client's hand over a coffee, and discuss business. Going this extra mile communicates to your client that you care about their needs and will take them seriously.

This article outlines several more compelling benefits of prioritising in-person meetings.

Improved Non-Verbal Communication

Something that digital communication hinders significantly is the ability to interpret and react appropriately to non-verbal cues. Sometimes, critical information is communicated through these non-verbal cues, including hand gestures and facial expressions that indicate how engaged the other person is in the conversation. These non-verbal cues help guide the conversation with appropriate responses. An example of this is noting that the other person keeps checking their watch, indicating that they are keen to up and go, indicating you likely need to work harder to grab their attention.


Relationship Building Opportunities

Face-to-face meetings are fantastic opportunities to build and strengthen foundations, and these foundations are essential to solidifying long-term business relationships. These in-person meetings help build trust between coworkers and clients, which positively affects the outcomes of the projects or business dealings. They also make room for purposeful small talk, which may get forgotten in a digital setting.

Collaborative Opportunities

Coming up with new ideas is far more possible in person when both parties can share ideas openly and easily over a cup of coffee. These settings aid in limiting distractions, avoiding annoying technical issues, and making room to discuss strategic and creative innovations. Moreover, it's much easier to tell when a person has finished talking when in person. Therefore, allowing for everyone to take their turn to share their unique ideas. Meeting in person is crucial to the project's success or business dealings. It offers a chance to get to know the other party while freeing the meeting of distractions and technological barriers.

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