Client Service Principles

To Keep In Mind Daily

Correct customer service practices are essential to building a thriving business and satisfying your target market.

These key principles are straightforward and can be learned, rehearsed and memorised through training and learnerships so that employees deliver a consistently high standard of client service, regardless of the industry or their experience level. Moreover, customer service expectations are increasing, and it is more crucial than ever to get these principles under your wing.

Below are three primary pointers regarding client service principles that you should practice daily.

A Proper Introduction


When presented with the situation where a client walks into the establishment or queries online, the first point of order as an employee is the correct introduction. Your introduction sets the tone for the customer's experience with the business, and it must be professional, friendly and non-intrusive. Start your interactions with your clients by using the following phrase: “How can I help?” or “How can I be of assistance?” Let them know you are here to help if they need it, and do this by initiating your services from the get-go.

Operate with Speed


When a customer approaches with a query or an issue, it is crucial that you resolve these issues with a sense of urgency. No client wants to wait around all day for their needs to be met. This situation is highly frustrating, and they likely will not forget this negative experience, relaying poorly on the business. And this applies to any scenario, whether the interaction occurs in person, on the phone, or via email.

Know the Products Well


Accuracy is key to successful client service. Therefore, you have to be as familiar with the product and business as the back of your hand. You must ensure you are constantly brushing up on this information and making way for new product knowledge to enter your vocabulary. It is a waste of time as a customer to spend time talking to an employee only for the employee to lack the correct information.


Both employers and employees must ensure that a high level of client service is met consistently. There is little point to building a brand and losing customers due to a lack of training and product knowledge. Greet customers, let them know you are there to help, equip yourself to assist them and approach the job purposefully.

At KVR Training, we can provide skills development to improve client service principles for an all-around thriving business.

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