How To Be A Successful Hybrid Learner

Nowadays, hybrid learning is one of the best ways to ensure employee development and implement staff training. However, it requires a certain mindset and attitudinal response if one is going to find success through hybrid learning.

You will need to develop special skills and methods of engaging with the training if you are to succeed. The requirements of both online and traditional classroom-based training must also be carefully balanced in order to achieve excellence while maintaining high levels of engagement and output.

Here are some things that you should address if you want to be a successful hybrid learner.

Organisational Skills And Time Management

Being a competent hybrid learner requires having excellent organisational abilities. You will have to manage your coursework in conjunction with your job responsibilities and personal commitments, all while juggling different formats and mediums.

Moreover, to ensure that you allocate enough time to finish online coursework and attend in-person sessions, you will have to apply expert time management skills. This will ensure that you have enough time to take all the new information in without feeling rushed and without failing to give your personal and professional life the attention they both require.


Engagement Is Everything

Hybrid learning only truly works when the learners actively engage with the course content. It is important that you participate in online discussions, ask questions during in-person sessions, and engage in group activities to remain mentally engaged and challenged by the course. Getting a passing grade and a certificate at the end is all fine and well, but it is pointless if you didn’t actually grow and learn during the process.

On this note, communication is key. If you’re struggling to keep up or have other concerns, or simply want to share your thoughts on the topic and have a meaningful debate that grows your understanding, communicate proactively with your instructor or colleagues.

Use Technology Properly

You will need to familiarise yourself with the technology you'll be using for the course, including the online platform and any software or tools specific to the course. Make sure you're comfortable with them and are able to use them effectively.

Be prepared for technological hiccups and have backups. If your laptop runs out of battery during an online session, for example, have your phone ready to connect as a backup. Importantly, have a backup plan for load shedding, so that it does not interfere with your coursework or set you back.

A good hybrid learner is a well-prepared one!


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