How To Put Core Values Into Practice

Having a great set of core values on paper means very little if they are not put into practice. However, turning your organisational values into practical behaviours is easier said than done. To ensure that your company values are not just lip service, you’re going to need to ensure no small amount of team involvement in bringing them to life.

Failing to live up to the values that you have laid out on paper can lead to reputational damage as well as eroded morale among your staff. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can turn values into practical behaviours.

Break It Down

The majority of the time, a company's values are high-concept, all-encompassing ideas. For instance, it is great if a business values honesty and integrity, but this could be said of a million different things. If left vague and broad, it could end up just being ignored as a platitude rather than a practical thing.

Each value must therefore be evaluated on an individual basis before being applied to the various departments and procedures within each department of your business. If honesty and integrity are important values, consider how these might be applied practically in, say, accounts. What exact processes and procedures are in place to encourage transparency and ensure that honesty and integrity are upheld? How are these efforts communicated to both staff and clients?

The only way to ensure that values are lived out rather than just spoken about is to break them down into manageable, practical steps.

Choose Wisely

Often, when company values are not implemented, it is because the company leadership may not truly believe in them. Rather, they have stated certain principles because they think it is what others want to hear. Unfortunately, this approach could result in the company appearing disingenuous.

For example, if a company says it values sustainability and protecting the environment yet is slow to take meaningful action to reduce emissions, it can raise some eyebrows.

To minimise or even eliminate this kind of dissonance, establish values at the outset that the company leadership truly stands behind. This will make it easier to live up to, as company culture and the values that define it are dictated from the top down.

Uplifting your staff through value-added training is a key part of establishing and upholding core values by ensuring greater team involvement. Start putting your organisational values into practice by speaking to one of the KVR Training experts today.
We can help you achieve synergy between what your company values say and what your company actually does!

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