Insights Into Training The Unemployed

South Africa has faced a high unemployment rate for many years. While there are several contributing factors, including the global pandemic, another primary reason is an alarming lack of skills. This skills shortage prevents underqualified and inexperienced South Africans from getting available positions.


For South Africa to make positive strides in improving the diving unemployment rate, we must first tackle a skills upgrade for improved knowledge and innovation to boost youth employability.

Below, we look at a few key insights regarding training the unemployed

Benefits Of Unemployment Training

The benefits of focusing national resources on training the unemployed are paramount. Firstly, doing so reduces the unemployment rate and sets the economy on a more positive trajectory. Training instils confidence in the youth to apply for jobs they were previously too unskilled to consider while providing the tools necessary for job searching. Focusing on training the unemployed youth could reset the future for work-ready potential candidates. Therefore, enforcing a more stable economy and reducing poverty-stricken households. 

Offer An Holistic Approach

While the government has offered some initiatives to increase youth training and employment over the years, the entirety of society is required to peddle change forward. Youth employability programs are a key starting point to offering a balance of soft and technical skills, which are essential for entering the labour market. If employers focus on a more holistic approach to training and skills development, they could realise an entire pool of talent beneficial to the company and the economy.

Transformative Thinking

For change to occur, organisations have to change the way they think. While they struggle to source qualified candidates, potential talent is ignored due to a lack of access and school skills to strive for various tertiary qualifications. This gap may mean it's up to organisations to change the way they think and approach onboarding candidates. Perhaps looking first at characteristics and human qualities could offer fewer dead ends.

Seeking out candidates who are eager to learn, who learn quickly, and who have problem-solving minds could have more positive shared effects rather than rejecting applicants based on a lack of years of experience or tertiary qualification. Doing this will undoubtedly open up a more diverse pool of prospects and strengthen the chances of training the youth for vocational success.

The benefits of providing knowledge and innovation through training programs are unmatched and necessary to mend a long history of an immense skills shortage. Improving youth employability will decrease the skills gap and ensure the future workforce receives relevant industry knowledge to carry us through.

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