KVR and GIZ Bangladesh Training Project

In a joint effort, KVR Training and project team leaders from GIZ teamed up on a project in Bangladesh. The focus of the project was to optimise Health and Safety practices in the leather tanneries with the aim of improving working conditions and worker safety in the workplace.

The South African Team Lead, Steve Kersop, a highly skilled professional with extensive knowledge of OHS practices, worked with the Team Material Developer, Lee-Anne Pursall, to navigate the challenge of creating learning material and learning aids for three distinct training tiers—addressing Tannery Workers, Management, and Audit Consultants, ensuring effective communication across all levels. The training material developed for the Tannery workers was especially challenging in that many of the learners had limited to no literacy skills, and the training material had to be adapted to meet this audience.

The training process took place in several phases. Initially, Steve conducted a three-day training session for a group of 16 potential trainers. Following this session, 9 trainers were selected from the group, who came from both academic institutions and industries, for further coaching.

During the coaching sessions, which were held at two industry associations - the BFLLFEA and the BTA - and two tanneries located at the TIED (Tannery Industrial Estate, Dhaka), a constructive discussion was held. The BFLLFEA, also known as the "Bangladesh Finished Leather, Leather Goods and Footwear Exporters' Association", and the Bangladesh Tanners Association (BTA) were the hosts of the coaching sessions. As a result of these sessions, a recommendation was made for trainers to utilise during the rollout of the training in the industry the following year.

The project was finally concluded to the satisfaction of GIZ requirements. Our team at KVR was proud to contribute to this unique project and delighted with the final outcome.

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