KVR Training in Collaboration With Mosaic Community Development NPC

In the heart of Africa, a beacon of hope shines brightly, radiating warmth and care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Since its inception in 2008, Mosaic Community Developments NPC has been on a mission to revolutionise orphan care across the continent. What sets Mosaic apart is its holistic approach, weaving together direct care for children, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge systems to create lasting change. 

At KVR, we're proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Mosaic since 2019. Our partnership isn't just about business; it's about shared values and vision for a better world. We believe that when values align, magic happens, and lives are transformed. 

Recently, our KVR Training staff joined Mosaic in a heartwarming initiative called Masivule, meaning "Let's open it." Together, we opened our cupboards, wallets, and hearts, collecting essential items like toiletries, toys, clothes, non-perishable foods, and even Easter eggs. It was a beautiful reminder of the power of community and compassion. 

So, how can you get involved?  

Reach out to the incredible team at Mosaic to explore opportunities to make a difference in your community. Let's come together, because when we do, we create a brighter future for us all. Check out the links in the bios below for more on Mosaic and KVR. 

Join us at KVR Training in supporting Mosaic Community Developments NPC and its mission to transform orphan care in Africa. Whether you donate items, volunteer your time, or spread the word, every little bit counts.  

Let's come together and create positive change. 

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