KVR Training's Graduation Celebrations

KVR Training marked a significant milestone in May and June, as learners across various disciplines graduated. Congratulations to all the diligent individuals who have successfully completed their qualifications!

The list of achievements is impressive and diverse, showcasing the commitment and dedication of the learners:


- BA in Business Administration

- SCM in Supply Chain Management

- LD in Leadership Development

- GM in Generic Management

- EP in Environmental Practice

- WR in Wholesale and Retail

- GMSW in Generic Management – Stores and Warehousing

- EUC in End User Computing

- CC in Contact Centre


Each qualification represents a unique journey of learning and growth, culminating in a well-deserved accomplishment. From mastering business administration's intricacies to understanding supply chain management's complexities, these learners have demonstrated their readiness to excel in their respective fields.

As they embark on the next chapter of their professional lives, equipped with newfound knowledge and skills, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for continued success. May this graduation be the beginning of many more achievements to come!

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