KVR Training's Inspiring Journey of Empowering Refugees at Kakuma Camp

Embarking on an inspiring journey, KVR Training recently assisted GIZ Integration in facilitating a training programme on floor tiling. The training was conducted in Kakuma Refugee Camp, which is located in the North-western region of Kenya.


Through other initiative 7,000 young people, of whom 50% are from the refugee community and 50% from the host population, and of whom 30% are women and 70% are young people with no formal educational background, have successfully participated in employment-generating skills training there. 

Our involvement started with formulating a proposal based on a Term of Reference (TOR) outlining the specific requirements for the training intervention. Once the green light was given, a project team created a curriculum to develop the training material. We then sent one of our facilitators to Kenya to run a Train the Trainer programme with a group of trainers who would then train selected young people in the craft of tiling. These trainers, now armed with the skill of tiling, weren't just learning themselves but now have the opportunity to teach others. 

Imagine the joy of seeing this newfound skill not just touching the lives of the refugees but propelling them into a future full of possibilities! We have high hopes that this training will become a game-changer, a key to doors opening to self-sufficiency and independence.

A heartfelt thank you from those who benefited echoed louder than any applause. It's not just about learning a skill; it's about unlocking doors to a brighter tomorrow. Kudos to the project team, Sandy and Gideon, for turning a simple skill into a life-altering journey for the resilient souls at Kakuma. Thank you also to GIZ Integration for the opportunity to work on this fantastic project, and all the best with the continued projects there in Kenya.

Join us in making a difference by supporting KVR Training's mission to empower people like the Kakuma refugees with valuable skills.


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