The Client Matters:

How To Treat Your Clients The Way You Want To Be Treated

Delivering a high level of customer service should go without saying. However, training and key principles are always good to brush up on to maintain positive relationships with your clients and to give them the experience they expect. 

We will provide several essential training titbits to ensure that your staff has the right tools needed to provide a high level of customer service. Because, after all, the client always comes first. 

Always greet customers

Too often, we see a lack of acknowledgement of the customer's initial presence. This introduction (or lack thereof) starts you off negatively. By greeting the customer, you have proven that you're friendly, welcoming, and happy to assist. 

When approaching customers in person, always do so in a way that is natural and suitable to the scenario. 

Do Not Shy Away From Negative Feedback 

In business, all feedback should be answered to show that you take it seriously and acknowledge the time the customer took to review their experience of your brand. 

Regardless of positive or negative feedback, this step is crucial. If the feedback is negative, address it and attempt to fix the problem by either promising a different future experience or compensation. It is also a good idea to thank the client for their feedback and apologise for their negative experience. 

Prove That You Understand Their Needs

There is nothing less appealing than having to explain what you need from a brand, only to be met with half-hearted responses, little interest, and not much expertise. 

You, as the employee, should understand what your customer needs. And if you don't know, consider training solutions for further skills development that can help you better grasp your specific target audience. 

Be Helpful

Offering practical solutions to their problems is essential when dealing with customers. 

If they are looking for a specific product, service or department, hand them over immediately and with intent. Do not leave customers wondering where they stand in an enquiry. 

Offer the best possible solution. If the client is looking for product A for a specific need, but you know product B is a better fit, explain this to them in detail. 

Ensuring you know your products or services and maintaining a friendly but not forced disposition is essential to delivering a positive client experience.

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