Unleashing Team Power:

How Supervisors Can Lead Stronger Teams

If you want to ensure that you meet your business goals, then it is important that, as a supervisor, you pay attention to some of the best practices in the business world and apply them.

Good supervisors will lead their teams to success by elevating employee engagement, boosting morale, and ultimately leading to greater productivity and efficiency, as well as improved levels of innovative thinking.

Here are 4 great business practices that supervisors can employ to get the best out of their teams.

1. Favour An Open Management Style

An open management style promotes an honest communication ethos between employees and supervisors. This supervision style encourages employees to be unafraid of discussing sensitive matters with their superiors, ranging from project and departmental goals to pay rates, career progression aspirations, and more.

Open management supervision styles depend on having an approachable management team that is open to discussion and avoids intimidation tactics. This means that a friendly work environment is required.

However, an open management style should be exercised with some degree of restraint, as overfamiliarity can breed a lack of respect and subversion of authority, which are required to run an effective team. Therefore, this tactic requires balance, discretion, and nuanced handling in order to work successfully.

2. Encourage Active Communication

Active communication requires management to be attentive to and interested in what their employees have to say. This means taking suggestions on board and not dismissing out-of-the-box ideas outright. Employee opinions should be valued as important and valuable.

Therefore, an open culture toward suggestions and ideas should be encouraged. This kind of environment promotes a friendly and hospitable atmosphere that boosts morale and leads to more enthusiasm among the workers. In addition, engaging with employees by helping them create incentives can lead to them developing a positive attitude towards achieving reasonable goals.

This sense of motivation can lead to better productivity and more innovative solutions. When employees feel that their ideas are not only noted but that they are also assisted in developing workable plans to achieve them, their passion for their work will inevitably grow, leading to a more motivated workforce.

3. Don't Withhold Rewards

A common mistake that many supervisors make is under-rewarding their staff. It is important that achievements are recognised and rewarded to encourage a more enthusiastic work environment.

Rewarding good performance will encourage employees to work harder and keep trying because they feel recognised and validated. It will also encourage colleagues to similarly try harder because they see that hard work is valued and acknowledged, thereby boosting morale and leading to a more committed and enthusiastic team.

4. Make Company Goals Clear

Employees who are eager and motivated need clear direction so that their efforts can be guided towards achieving a unified end goal. The company culture should thus embody an ethos that constantly directs everything that employees do towards achieving the company's goals.

These goals should not just be simplistic variations on growth and earning bigger profits but should relate more deeply to the company's mission and vision. Helping employees understand and place value on the purpose of the organisation will help them direct their efforts, enthusiasm, and innovative ideas towards achieving the company's goals.

The company’s culture should reflect that when these goals are actively and successfully achieved, it is to the benefit of all. When the company grows and evolves towards achieving its goals, every employee who contributed well will somehow reap the rewards, whether it is through promotion, career advancement, bonuses, or various other incentives.

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