What Does the New Generation Value When It Comes to Business?

It is crucial to remember that a business must continually train the following generations to take over to remain healthy. Generational shifts require businesses to adopt a collaborative culture to continue flourishing. This means working with new generations to ensure that you see eye to eye.

To properly motivate the next generation of workers, it is necessary to understand what they value. The first generation to grow up in the digital age, Generation Z (Gen Z), is driving the demand for a more innovative culture.

Let's review some of the things that the new generation finds more valuable in terms of business.

Interesting Jobs Over Good Salaries

It has been found that, while decent wages remain important, Gen Zers place more value on jobs that are interesting than on jobs that pay well. In other words, they would rather be paid less to do something unique and interesting than be paid well to do something mundane.

Social Justice

As the first generation to grow up in the digital world, Gen Zers have been exposed to far more social issues at a young age and on a global scale than any generation before them. As a result, research has shown that Gen Zers want to work for companies that demonstrate a willingness and enthusiasm to address various social injustices, such as racial or gender inequality.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Gen Zers, more than even Millenials, have been made abundantly aware of the fact that work doesn’t always need to be done in an office. The Covid-19 pandemic calcified this view, with remote working quickly being proven as a valid and sustainable way forward for many companies. As such, it has become apparent that Gen Zers value a forward-thinking and flexible management style that allows for remote working and flexible hours.

Healthy Work/Life Balance

Going hand-in-hand with flexible working arrangements is Gen Zers’ desire to have employment that values their personal lives. This generation, more than many in generations past, recognises the psychological toll that an unhealthy work/life balance can have on a person. As a result, companies that fail to respect their employees’ personal lives and their time will increasingly find that Gen Zers don’t want to work there, regardless of the salary or perks.

Career Development

It is safe to say that Gen Zers want to feel as though the companies they work for genuinely care about them as people rather than simply treating them as a resource to be exploited. As a result, there is an increased demand for career development opportunities, such as training. Companies that fail to offer this kind of thing will find their employees seeking better opportunities elsewhere.

Generational shifts are hard to deal with, which is why you need to have a collaborative culture to overcome them. Here at KVR Training, we can help you connect with Generation Z by forging a more innovative culture and providing value-added training and career development opportunities.

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