What Makes The KVR Training Approach To BEEE Innovative?

Training and development programs are not always straightforward.

Therefore, finding innovative ways to build training programs for employees is what we aim to prioritise to improve the skills gap in South Africa. We enforce several learning management elements that make the training culture more attainable and actionable to encourage employers and employees to think differently.

Learner engagement is a driving force behind our knowledge and innovation structures, offering the highest degree of industry knowledge regardless of the niche.

Below, we explain the characteristics we impose to ensure your employees receive the highest level of skills development and training programs possible.

Engaged Program Management

All effective programs begin with a competent and engaging leader to drive change and motivation. Having a figurehead to steer the direction of skills development is a fantastic way to leverage BEEE to promote positive change now and in the future. They oversee all learnerships, helping businesses prioritise the best possible learning solutions for the company to reach its goals and aiding employees to remain engaged and involved, reaching their fullest potential.

Assessing Learning Gaps

Understanding where the skills gaps lie within a company is the first step to knowing where to focus improvements. The skills development manager or leader must identify these gaps to establish where the efforts must focus primarily. An assessment involving interviews, surveys and research can help gain insights into where employees need optimisation regarding valuable modern-day skills.

Fostering Ongoing Learning

Ongoing learning is key for successfully supporting the initiative of BEEE and EE. There is little point in offering short-term learning solutions as the information may grow out of date or become forgotten with time. Methods for encouraging learning can involve the handout of achievement certificates, support through events for networking and skill-building or investing in interesting learning programs to reinforce new material. Doing this will show your employees that you are committed to ongoing learning, cultivating more productive work days and helping to reach company goals more effectively.

Training To Achieve Business Goals

Adjusting skills development to align with company goals is essential to driving change and innovation through new applicable knowledge. The curriculum should support organisational goals while doing the same on an individual employee basis. It also helps business owners see the value in investing in these learning programs and how they aid the company's growth as a whole, effectively aiding in optimising the current employee pool and generating better revenue. 

KVR Training is working to enhance training culture in the workplace by offering programs that encourage learning engagement by providing relevant industry knowledge. With quality learning management, we strive to decrease the skills gap while promoting the ability to think differently.

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